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Corpus Christi Electrical Service Upgrades

If your home or business was built over 40 years ago, you need to think about getting an electrical service upgrade to ensure your building can keep up with modern electrical needs. Computers, televisions, air conditioners, fridges, etc. are all running 24/7 in the average modern home or business. If you are consistently running these appliances without the proper amps, you risk suffering from voltage drop-offs that can damage sensitive electronics.

Even if your home or business’s electrical system supplies you with all the power you need, a lack of available outlets can become an inconvenience over time. Relying on power bars and extension cords can sometimes be a safety hazard. To ensure your safety, it’s worth calling Precision Electrical Solutions Inc. to find out what we can do to upgrade your electrical service.

Signs You Need an Electrical Service Upgrade

You may require an electrical service upgrade your Corpus Christi home or business frequently has:

  • Lights that always flicker when activating a major appliance
  • Circuit breakers that trip or fuses that blow with high frequency
  • An electrical panel that is prone to overheating
  • An outdated or recalled electrical panel
  • Multiple extension cords or outlet splitters
  • Two-pronged outlets that are outdated and unsafe

If your home or business matches any of these descriptions, don’t hesitate to call (361) 489-6790 to find out how Precision Electrical Solutions Inc. can help you today.

Our team of highly-trained electricians can help you assess the issue and ensure that your electrical service needs are met with convenience and efficiency.